quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

Precious... Beautifull

Last sunday I decided to go to the the theather, alone as always I am, I was eager to watch Precious, not because Mariah Carey star this movie but by the fact the its history, when I read the resume, somehow was seemed to mine...

A displaced little girl who wept years in silence... She pressed all nights and days to keep on living and tried so many ways to keep her soul alive but nobody cared at all, she was raped, like I was when I was a little child as well and worst, she got pregnant of his father...

It let me so mixed with her history, because somehow we had a lot in comum: we both suffered prejudice and we were child, we both were raped and we both didnt have love of our family... It reminded me all my past and made me look harder to te future... How will it be?! Most of all, we both had a dream: Someone to love us and make us happy forever!

I won´t tell the final of the movie, it´s beautifull but sad... and I wish mine can be diferent.

Changing the matter...

Next sunday is my birthday and I am happy becasue I´m gonna meet old friends of mine all together and I hope to have such amazing time with them! Time of laughing! hahah
I keep in love and keep confuse... I´d like to be less weak about sentimental matters but... This is me... The old and same Mariah Rafaela Silva so confuse down deep inside and so passional... hahahaha

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